World-Builder WebQuest
Your mission, should you decide to accept it...

Your task is to work in a group of 3 to find, research and plan a settlement as described on this page. Each of you will take on a specific role as one of the following specialists: Agricultural Engineer, Developer (Builder) or Health Specialist. These specialists will be responsible for researching and planning for the new settlement. Specialist roles and responsibilities are stated below. You will find that some resposibilities may overlap. It is up to your group to decide how to manage these over-lapping responsibilities when creating your settlement.

The Coordinates where your settlement must be built are
  see your teacher for coordinates or use these:

Latitude: -6° 5 Min.5 Sec.
Longitude: -80° 7 Min. 8 Sec.

The Three Specialists needed for planning are:

The Agricultural Engineer is responsible for:
Soil Types, Natural Resources, Environmental issues, Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources, Flora and Fauna, Weather, Climate, Habitat, Geology, Pests, layout and positioning of a farm (if you have one) and anything else that you feel deals with an Agricultural Engineer's position.

The Developer is responsible for:
Building Resources, Layout of the Settlement, Natural Resources, Environmental Issues, Geology, Climate, Natural Resources, Security, Natives, and anything else that you feel deals with a Developer's position.

The Health Specialist
is responsible for:
Climate, Pests, Disease, Flora and Fauna, Clean Water Source, Hospital and/or Medical Facilities, Medicines (Natural and Imported,) Hazards, Pollution, and anything else that you feel deals with a Health Specialist's position.

Your Settlement MUST include the following things:

Residential Zone: This is an area where people will live when they are not at work. It should be safe and secure from intruders, pests and natural threats. It will be the place where you and your neighbors will live.

Industrial Zone: This is an area where people will work. Industrial Zones are where factories and plants are located. These factories might be making goods for people's consumption, they might be making electricity for homes, they might be sewage or wastewater recycling facilities, or possibly where raw materials are put together to make products for the home or business.

Commercial Zone:
This is an area where shops are built to sell products that are produced in the Industrial Zone or to be sold from a Farm. A mall or grocery store are examples of places that would be located in a Commercial Zone.

Agricultural Zone:
This is an area where farms and orchards are located.

Once you plan and layout the above Zones, you must then decide what to include in each zone and where to place it. Your settlement should include the following things:

Homes, factories, stores, a hospital or medical center, farm(s), a powerplant, school(s), parks, playgrounds, streets, a public transportation system (if possible or worthwhile) and anything else you can think of to make it a place where people will want to come and live their lives, raise their children, and simply survive.

Now that you know what your task is, go on to the Process page, where you will find out exactly how to proceed to find, research and plan your settlement.

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