World-Builder WebQuest
The Process to create your Settlement...


Steps to complete your World-Builder WebQuest:

(Be sure to read this whole page thoroughly before starting!!)

1. Obtain the coordinates of your location from either your teacher or the Task page.

2. Using a Map, Atlas, the Internet, or other means, find out and report back to your teacher where you think your settlement should be located.(The location(s) MUST be approved by your teacher BEFORE you continue on your quest.)

3. Choose your role from the list on the Task page. Each person must choose a different role.

4. Research your land area using the internet, the library, maps and any other tools you see fit to gain an overall understanding of your land plot. Pay specific attention to details about your land that relate to the responsibilities of your particular specialist role. Use the Resources Page to help you get started. (Hint: read the rest of this page and find out what you need to look for in order to complete the quest BEFORE you start your research.)

5. Now, close your eyes with the information you've researched and imagine you have traveled to your land plot. Record a written journal of what you see, smell, hear and taste now that you have arrived at your land plot. Describe the lay of the land, any animals you see, and any natural features that your land area has to offer. Be imaginative, but make sure the things you are recording are likely to be seen, heard, smelled, etc. on your plot. (In other words, if your plot ends up in the jungle, don't write down that you see penguins and polar bears!)

6. When you feel that your journal is complete, get together with your group and compare your journals. Compile a list of similarities and differences after comparing your journals. Keep this list to hand in at the end of the project along with your individual journals. (Hint: perhaps you can write an On-line journal and publish it on the web?!)

7. Start planning your settlement. Your teacher will give you a flat model of your land area to scale. It is now your task to lay out the 4 Zones as stated on the Task page. Use this flat model as a template to lay out you settlement. When you turn in your model, it must have the following clearly labeled:

a. your Zones labeled and outlined with red lines and type
b. man-made buildings labeled with brown type
c. renewable resources labeled with green type
d. non-renewable resources labeled with blue type
e. any other features that you feel are important - label with black type

Create chart or graph including the following information about your settlement:

a. Average Daily Temperatures - lows and highs
b. Soil types
c. Annual precipitation
d. Day Length
e. Flora / Fauna
f. Water Source(s)
g. Natural / Renewable Resources
h. Geological features
i. Health Issues / Pests
j. Natives

9. Finally, create a brochure to try to convince outsiders to come and live in your settlement. Use pictures, photos, and descriptions to describe your settlement, and give at least 3 main reasons: "Why you should come live with us!" Your brochure should be double-sided and fold up so that it can be easily mailed to your teacher using a standard stamp. You may produce the brochure on the computer, or by hand, but make sure it is neat and clean.

(Hint: you may want to use a letter-sized piece of paper in landscape format and folded twice.)

If you feel you are ready and have gotten an OK from your teacher on the placement of your settlement, you may now venture on to the Resource Page and get started on your research. Remember, find as much information as you can on your area BEFORE trying to plan your settlement. Good Luck Pioneer!

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